My name is Kate. I am an early thirty-something with an incredible network of family and friends, a wonderful career and an amazing new husband. We just finished building and moving into our dream house. Everyone said we were nuts for building a house while we planned our wedding.

Then, less than two months before the big day, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Stage zero, DCIS. Yes, stage ZERO. It was the earliest possible catch. I am incredibly lucky.  I am also incredibly overwhelmed. Wedding, house, work and cancer?! Not exactly how I planned it. Thank God for that incredible network of family and friends and the most amazing man in the world.

After making a catch like this, and navigating the whirlwind of all these milestones at one time, I feel called to share my story - from stage 0 to double mastectomy and beyond. I am hopeful that it will raise awareness of the importance of being a champion of your own health. Or at the very least, it makes you smile.

Growing up, I was dubbed Katie Bugs, often shortened to Bugsy. Those closest to me still call me that. Because I am an optimist, I chose to name my blog for the best of what I will share here. Mind over matter.